Perkie & Micky Dey - Split

by Perkie & Micky Dey

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Perkie and Micky Dey have been a DIY touring team for the last three years, so it seemed only natural that they'd begin performing and releasing music together. Whether it's the soul-searching, heart wrenching ballad, 'Fool', or the Blackbird-esque introspective 'The Late Night Wonderer', this split hears the pair perfectly blending their unique musical singer-songwriter styles.


released September 22, 2015

'Fool' written by Perkie, produced by Micky Dey.
'Late Night Wonderer' written and produced by Micky Dey.



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Track Name: Perkie - Fool
Darling, I was a fool,
When I felt you letting go, I let go too.
Maybe we had too much pride,
Both our hearts were breaking long before we died.

The rope was never strong enough,
But there will never be another love quite like our love.
We'll never truly be untied,
Because every time I look into your eyes,
It's like our love, will forever be our love.

I thought I’d better go,
I wasn't having fun anymore.
But just before I got on the train,
I rang you to say that i'd made a mistake.
I never really wanted to leave,
I just wanted you to say that you still wanted me.
But you said ‘Darling, you should just go home,
The damage is already done.’
I've never felt so desperate.
All i wanted to do was run back to the comfort of you,
But it was completely out of my control…
Darling I was a fool.
Track Name: Micky Dey - The Late Night Wonderer
A wrong turn led me right,
And brought me to your side.
With minds so close, yet worlds apart,
If only I’d told you from the start.

And I hate it when you call,
I hear the ache beneath it all.
That heart of your’s, your mind despairs,
That beats for those that were never there.

And all your late night wondering,
That doubt burns deep within.
What made you strong has left you frail,
Treat a ship to sink and never sail.
An etch in time in all we’ve done,
Alone in all that you’ve become.