Walls Come Crashing (single)

by Perkie

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released July 12, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Walls Come Crashing
If you’re trying to wear me down and tire me out
you’ve got another thing coming so look out
If you’re trying to wear me down and tire me out
you’ve got another think coming so you better look out

I’ll scream
Until the walls come crashing
Until the walls come crashing

Things could be worse but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be better
Someone please take the rocks from out of my back and replace them with feathers
Cos all that I see in this world is pressure upon pressure
There will always be people that we will all miss forever
Track Name: Getting Old (single version)
Now that I’ve stopped growing I feel like I’m getting old
Life’s not about knowing or doing what you’ve been told
It’s about listening to other people learning new things everyday
So say what you really mean man and leave some time to play

Get off your lazy arse grandma no you’re not dying just yet
Put on your walking boots grandpa you’ve still got further to get
Get off your lazy bum mum you’ve still got a lot to do
Dad get off the playstation and put on your dancing shoes

You’re not as young as you used to be
and you’ve got a few lines on your face it seems
But still you look the bees knees to me embrace
You don’t have to be on your own you know
And I don’t think you need any help
Just a bit of good old laughter
And you can look after yourself
You’re not as sick as you think you are
And most of its all in your head
If you feel like you’re getting old you are
So get the hell out of bed

Everyone knows something you don’t know
So don’t claim to be wiser cos your older
As soon as you start going down that road
You’re just building your own boulder