Dads Birthday Song (i've got your ears)

by Perkie

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this is a song i wrote and recorded live for my dad for his birthday april 2013. he was in hospital at the time in a really bad way due to an allergy to the chemo he was on that nearly killed him. after getting better and having other treatments that weren't working he was then also told he wouldn't be suitable for any trials, i saw the last remnants of hope drain out of his eyes that day, though he still tried to stay positive. mum and i did all we could to be strong with him, we cried with him, we laughed with him and on the 5th october 2014, at home, me n mum holding each hand, comforting him as much as we could, he passed away. sometimes it feels like he's just in the other room and other times it feels more real than i would like to admit that he's not here anymore. but as i've said before to friends and family, dad was such a happy chap and even though he knew we would be sad sometimes he would want us to be happy. when he told mum what he wanted for his funeral one thing he said was for this song to be played as the curtains closed at the crematorium. i really appreciate the response of his friends and our family on how much they liked the song which is why i'm putting it up here for download. he was an incredibly special guy, loved by so many, caring and sensitive, beautiful and strong, my dad xx


lift me up onto your shoulders
i want to reach the stars
lift me up onto your shoulders
i wanna be tall as you are

the greatest gift in the world
is making you happy
i know i can be a horrible girl
but i'm always sorry
you give me the chance to follow my dreams
never stop me from being me
yeah we make each other proud
and i'll say it out loud
a million times
a trillion times

cuz i've got your eyes
and i've got your ears
remember when you would drive
and you'd let me steer
even when my world is falling apart
you and mum are always there holding my heart
holding my heart

i've got your eyes
and i've got your ears
lift me up onto your shoulders.


released November 3, 2014



all rights reserved